I started Buddies, because I had a problem with a family member having issues when it came to brushing their teeth.
My son found using toothpaste to be “too spicy,” and I soon found there wasn’t a suitable alternative. This twice daily
battle made me miserable, but I was determined to solve this issue and so, Buddies was born.

I believe that everyone deserves good oral hygiene and am dedicated to breaking down barriers that prevent this.
Don’t just take my word for it, hear what the professionals and customers have to say…

I hope you find a solution with us that makes brush time easier for you and your loved ones as I did.

Very best wishes,

Buddies toothpaste is the tasty flavoured alternative
to standard mint that doesn’t send mixed messages
like the current conventional options for kids such
as bubble gum, chocolate or ice cream flavours.

Portion controlled dispensing and a texture that
stays on the brush means the right amount of
fluoride benefits their teeth.

Buddies will make brush time fun again with oral
hygiene products that engage children in wanting to
brush their teeth and makes it easy to do it well.

Senses was born out of seeing the struggles orally
sensitive people experience, from children to the elderly,
and a desire to make oral care products that can help.

We have worked with oral health experts with hands-on
experience in this field to develop a range with the patient firmly
at the centre of everything we do.

Our range of products include low-foaming toothpastes,
oral swabsticks to treat dry mouth and the quietest electric,
variable power brush and manual toothbrushes with the
softest bristles that still provide an effective clean