Senses Stories

We’ve been privileged to hear from people who have been
using Senses and finding out how it’s really made a difference
to them and their oral health.

Grace’s Story…

Grace suffered a stroke 10 months ago.

Her husband had to accept that he was no longer able to care for her himself and Grace has since been living at a Hertfordshire care home

“I visit Grace every day although she doesn’t always  know me now. Some days are better than others but I was becoming very anxious about her refusing to let anyone brush her teeth. It was obvious her gums were becoming sore.

A lady from the NHS oral care team came to visit  her one day and used a really soft toothbrush with Buddies toothpaste on it. She was very patient and let  Grace feel the brush first, then taste the toothpaste. Grace loved the flavour and finally allowed the lady to  brush her teeth! She actually seems to enjoy it now. It’s such a relief for me and for the staff at the home.”

Neil’s Story…

Neil had very aggressive treatment for throat cancer.  As a result his mouth is really sensitive and he finds ordinary toothpaste far too strong for his mouth so he  recently tried samples of our toothpaste.

Its a real treat to be able to clean my teeth without tears dripping down my cheeks, due to the stinging caused by the recommended toothpaste from the hospital.

Despite the lack of saliva and moisture in my mouth (a permanent after effect due to chemo and  radiotherapy) it is essential that I keep on top of my oral hygiene and with the help of Senses toothpaste  I am now able to do that…Thank you very much.

I really look forward to trying out the Senses swabsticks. The flavour of the toothpaste works very well for me.

I would recommend you approach the Head and Neck departments in the hospitals/cancer units as your Senses toothpaste is a game changer for me and I would have no hesitation in recommending this to other patients who have or are going through similar treatments.

Thank you once again Sian, the pleasure of being  able to clean my teeth without discomfort is ‘Senses-ational’

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