Does your child need some extra persuasion to brush their teeth?
Do you find brush time

Our toothpastes are especially formulated to suit even the fussiest taste buds and textures.

Our fantastic flavours contain no nasty ingredients such as SLS or parabens.

Our friendly bunch of Buddies will set up young children with the right foundation for a happy, healthy life of oral care.

Children need a fluoride toothpaste to prevent oral cavities and keep gums healthy.

Parents are often confused about how much paste should be used and annoyed by more of it ending up around the sink than on the brush.

With just one press of our Buddies pump, the recommended amount of our low foaming gel sinks into the bristles of the brush.

So, fluoride ends up on the teeth, not in the sink!

Does your child have particular issues around brushing their teeth, preventing it being the foundation of their oral care routine?

Some children find the taste of standard toothpastes too strong or ‘spicy’ for their sensitive tastebuds. Others really dislike the texture.

Buddies toothpaste or gel offers flavours especially developed to suit even the most sensitive tastebuds and a texture to suit most.

Buddies toothpaste contains just the right amount of fluoride from 3+ years. A smear is fine from two years old.

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