Many people face struggles when it comes to dental hygiene due to being orally sensitive.

Senses products effectively address many of the issues when it comes to oral health care, particularly the struggles
that often go unnoticed. We go about helping everyone with the environment in mind when creating our helpful essentials.

We liaise with healthcare professionals and consulted with experts, so as a carer or loving family member,
you can be assured that Senses products will be the most suitable solution for you and them

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Taste and smell are closely connected.

Taste buds identify basics such as salt, sweet, sour, bitter and umami, but our sense of smell is needed to provide the rest of the input to notice flavour.

People who dislike a certain flavour such as mint, will usually find it difficult to tolerate its aroma, finding it pervasive, pungent and repellent




Senses Apple Fresh Toothpaste is formulated to suit even those with severe oral sensitivities

  • Mild and great tasting
  • Formulated to suit even extremely sensitive taste buds
  • Apple Fresh formula is our best selling toothpaste, widely enjoyed even by people that dislike, or are unable to use other toothpastes


People with sensory processing issues can be overly sensitive to certain smells, from minty toothpastes to scented shampoos. Taste and smell are closely connected. Your taste buds can identify basics such as salty, sweet, sour and bitter. But your sense of smell provides the rest of the input to notice flavour. That’s why smell can make a difference to people with taste sensitivities.

People may develop sensitivities during their life, possibly due to chronic conditions such as dementia or medication.

Carers may therefore find that someone suddenly rejects a toothpaste they’ve used for years as they now find the smell turns them off. In circumstances where someone refuses to accept oral care, it can be extremely difficult to provide it, causing frustration and worry for the carer. Finding a toothpaste that smells good can be the key to them accepting oral care

Senses Apple Fresh Toothpaste, formulated to suit even those with severe oral sensitivities

  • Apple Fresh is by far our most popular fragranced toothpaste,AA
  • It has been widely successful at convincing reluctant brushers to try it,Tip for carers: Allow the user to sniff before they taste and give them full control over what they allow into their mouth


The mouthfeel of toothpaste may be a source of sensitivity for some.

For those who have carers providing their oral care, its invasive nature may be a real problem. For the carer, it’s difficult to second guess just how sensitive or sore someone else’s teeth, gums and mouth tissue actually feel.

When brushing teeth has become a challenge for someone, the state of their oral health can rapidly diminish and the interior of the mouth can quickly become very painful in response to touch

Switching to an electric toothbrush may prove difficult for anyone sensitive to the sensation of powerful rotation or vibration in their mouth. I’ve heard children say that they find electric toothbrushes make their head hurt.

Senses Apple Fresh Toothpaste, formulated to suit even those with severe oral sensitivities

  • Senses gel texture is often more tolerable than paste
  • Low foaming (contains no SLS) so minimises choke risk,Tip for carers: Use with an extra soft brush and firstly let the user feel how soft it is on the back of their hand compared with usual, firmer bristles



associated with provision of oral care may be particularly distressing for anyone with aural sensitivity.


The sound of the motor powering electric brushes may be asource of discomfort and stress to some.



Senses Apple Fresh Toothpaste, formulated to suit even those with severe oral sensitivities

  • We are due to introduce a extra quiet electric toothbrush to our Senses range
  • All the benefit of electric brushing without the noise
  • 3 possible power settings ensure optimal personal comfort